We all HATE them! Those mostly ugly (some have really beautiful flowers, just sayin’) looking things that grow in our lawns and flowers beds. How many countless hours have you spent trying to get rid of them? Pulling? Digging? Multitudes of chemicals? Blow torch? (yes, that was a personal experience from my father. We’ll save that for another post about keeping your home fire free!) So now the question becomes…what do we do about these pesky lil suckers?


What is a PreEmergent you ask?

It is an herbicide that is applied to the top layer of soil. It comes in a granule or liquid form. The PreEmergent is effective for several weeks up to several months depending upon the type of chemical used and the concentration of the chemical.

So… how does it work?

The herbicide is activated by water in the top layer of the soil where the weed seed sprouts. The weed seed is allowed to germinate (WHAT!) and then the PreEmergent kills the young weed sprout; thus the weed is eliminated permanently (Woot! Woot!). Because the weed is permanently eliminated it cannot seed anywhere else.

When should I be applying PreEmergents?

It is best to apply in early Spring before the warm weather weed seeds start to populate and also in Fall before the cool weather weeds (seems like a no-brainer right!!). It is also best to apply before planting any new seed or sod for the year. The PreEmergent can kill the new grass seed if not properly applied to the soil first.

Is a PreEmerget the end all be all of weeds?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is no (sad face). It will take repeated applications: about 2 the first year or two, then less after that! While the PreEmergent permanently eliminates the seed in YOUR yard there is still potential for cross contamination from other yards. Also, some weed seeds are not effected by certain PreEmergents; suggested advice is to look at the label list based on the type of weeds that you’re trying to destroy! With that, each successive season the need to apply weed killer is lessened. It should be noted that this process is NOT effective for weeds that are already showing.

So why should I use a PreEmergent if it doesn’t kill all those nuisances?

PreEmergents are extremely effective over a period of time and like with all good things in life, it’s worth the wait! The process is extremely effective with proper application. This includes even distribution of the chemical, amount and timing of water application, as well the timing of the PreEmergent application. Or, perhaps calling your local landscaping professional (wink, wink!).

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