When our clients in Fayetteville, TN, reached out to us, they were looking to renovate their front yard. They owned a beautiful residential property but wanted their front yard to stand out and have good curb appeal. After meeting with our clients and listening to their goals, we came up with a plan that would meet all of their needs. For this project, we installed a paver walkway and stone retaining wall to enhance the beauty of their property. Next, we installed sod on their property to give them a beautiful, green lawn. Then, we installed a new irrigation system for them so that they could keep their grass and plants hydrated. Finally, we renovated their landscape beds and filled them with gorgeous flowers.

The first step of this landscape renovation project was to install a paver walkway and a stone retaining wall.

When we arrived at our clients' property to get started on this landscape renovation project, the first thing that we did was replace their existing walkway. Their walkway was outdated and bland, but we knew we could make it a focal point of their property. We used high-quality pavers to install a beautiful new walkway that instantly added to the aesthetic of this property. After that was finished, we installed a stone retaining wall along the border where their lawn met the sidewalk. This retaining wall eliminated the slope at the end of their lawn and added to the overall beauty of the property.

We can create 2D or 3D design renderings of any project to provide a preview of what a project will look like when it's finished before the installation begins!

Next, we replaced their existing lawn with sod.

For the next step of this project, we removed our clients' existing lawn and replaced it with sod. Their lawn was patchy and parts of it were brown, so they wanted to give it a complete makeover. We followed a thorough installation process when installing their sod so that it looked fantastic and immediately added to the overall beauty of their property.

We installed a new irrigation system on their property.

After the hardscapes were installed and the sod had been laid, it was time to install their new irrigation system. We installed a high-quality sprinkler system on their property that would be able to keep their grass and plants properly hydrated throughout the year. With this new system, our clients can provide their vegetation with water without having to do anything manually.

The last step of this project was to renovate their landscape beds.

For the last step of this home renovation project, we renovated our clients' landscape beds. While they already had landscape beds out front of their home, they were outdated and the plants installed in them didn't really stand out. So, we reshaped the beds, making them larger, removed the existing plants in them, and filled them with new plants that really added to the overall curb appeal of the property. Some plants we installed in their landscape beds include:

  • Globe Blue Spruce
  • Hakone Grass
  • Hosta Fire & Ice
  • Dwarf Mondo Grass
  • Globosa Nana Japanese Cedar
  • And more!

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