Here in Alabama, the fall season is a great time to prepare your yard for the upcoming winter season. There are a few tasks that you should complete before the first snowfall to ensure that your lawn and landscape beds will stay healthy throughout the winter months. First, you should have your irrigation system winterized to prevent water from freezing in the pipes and damaging your system. Then, you should mow your lawn one last time at the beginning of December and cut it about 1/2 inch shorter than normal. You should also trim your plants in the late fall to help them stay looking their best throughout the winter. Lastly, you should remove leaves from your yard so they can't suffocate your grass or drag down the curb appeal of your property.

Have Your Irrigation System Winterized

Before the winter season gets underway, you need to have your irrigation system winterized. This process involves turning off the water supply to your system and then blowing all of the water out of the pipes. This is important because if water is left in your pipes during the winter, it could freeze and cause the pipes to burst, causing extensive damage to your system and leading to costly repairs. However, by having your system winterized, you won't have to worry about that happening, and when spring rolls around, your system will be ready to start hydrating your grass and plants again!

Make sure to hire professionals to winterize your irrigation system! They will know how to do it properly without causing any damage!

Mow Your Lawn One Last Time & Cut It Shorter Than Normal

Before the winter season really kicks in, you should mow your lawn one last time at the beginning of December. However, you should cut your grass about 1/2 inch shorter than normal. This will allow your grass to enter winter at an ideal height, which will help prevent it from becoming matted in the case of snow, but not so short that it can be stressed by the cold temperatures.

Trim Your Plants in Late Fall

Another task you should have done before winter arrives is to have your plants trimmed in the fall. Trimming is the process of cutting back parts of your plants to maintain their shape and help them look neat and manicured. By performing this task before winter arrives, you can help your plants look their best throughout the duration of the winter!

Remove Leaves From Your Yard

Leaves are notorious for collecting on yards during the fall. If your lawn is covered in leaves, they could cause a variety of issues for your lawn. For instance, they could smother your grass and block it from receiving sunlight and nutrients, which can cause it to die. Also, leaf piles can attract insects and rodents to your property, and can create the ideal environment for lawn diseases to thrive. By removing leaves from your lawn before the winter season arrives, you can help prevent these issues from occurring and improve the curb appeal of your property!

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The fall season is the perfect opportunity to get your yard ready for the winter. At Five Star Lawn and Landscaping, we can help prepare your lawn for the winter season with our fall yard cleanup, irrigation winterization, and leaf removal services. By combining all of these services, you can rest easy knowing your property will be prepared for the winter!

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