Seasonal lawn care and maintenance is essential because it allows your Hazel Green yard to remain safe and undamaged during cold weather before it experiences regrowth in the spring. There are many tasks involved in lawn maintenance, so hiring a landscaping contractor for seasonal services may be extremely beneficial to you and your lawn.

Yard Maintenance for the Fall Season

  • Rake Leaves and Debris – Collect and remove fallen leaves to prevent damage to your grass during the winter. Raking leaves and debris will also protect surface water quality from becoming polluted by chemicals produced by the decay of organic materials.
  • Mow Lawn – When grass grows taller than 3 inches, it can mat, leading to mold and disease in the winter. If grass is cut shorter than 2 inches, it is unable to make and store energy for healthy growth after the winter months. Before winter, mow your lawn or hire a landscaping contractor to mow it to a height of 2.5 inches.
  • Fertilize Seed – Landscapers recommend seeding and fertilizing your lawn in the fall to produce a plush, healthy lawn.
  • Water Plants and Trees – Before you shut off outdoor water lines for the winter, water your shrubs and trees thoroughly. If you have an automatic sprinkler system, clean it with compressed air to avoid damage during freezing temperatures.
  • Trim and Prune Trees and Shrubs – Hiring a landscaping contractor to trim and prune your shrubs and trees before the winter months is important. Dead, damaged, and diseased tree limbs should be removed, and your perennial vegetation should be trimmed.
  • Clean and Store Equipment – After performing your fall lawn care tasks, clean all of your tools and equipment before storing them for the winter. Organize your shed or garage so that you can access tools that you may need during the winter. Consider draining permanent water systems and pools. If the time you spend outside in the winter is limited, store your outdoor furniture so that it remains in good condition.

Hiring a trusted landscaping company like Five Star Lawn and Landscaping will help you get your Hazel Green lawn ready for cool temperatures.

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