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Why Retaining Walls Are Great For Your Fayetteville Home

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Retaining Walls in Huntsville

There are many reasons for you to consider adding retaining walls to your landscape in the Fayetteville area. Retaining walls can be useful in many circumstances and can be built as low, medium, or high walls. In fact, some of the best landscapes incorporate the use of all sizes of retaining walls because they can serve different functions along the exterior of the home or commercial business.

Enhancing the Outdoor Living Spaces & Hardscape Areas With Low Retaining Walls

Whether you plan to build or already have outdoor areas that are hardscaped, retaining walls can be added or built into the design of your Fayetteville landscape. In an outdoor living space, your space may include kitchen appliances or just a grill with some area for an outdoor table and chairs. A low retaining wall can be useful to mark off the area, keep the area contained for foot traffic or children, or as additional seating during gatherings or parties.

Low retaining walls can also be great for poolside areas. For example, having a low or medium retaining wall built around a swimming pool can make the area safer and more secure and can add some sitting places as well. When built next to the sidewalk areas around the pool, they also add a dimensional element to the aesthetic appeal of the pool area.

Retaining Walls Bring The Wow Factor In Your Landscape

There’s something about retaining walls that can quickly add beauty and value to a home. Retaining walls give the landscape the final “finishing touch” in a hardscape. This is because they bring in a vertical dimension to the area.

Long paved or stone areas can be boring, but add some height to the plan with stone, brick, or rock that contrasts and suddenly you have a dimensional design that can bring you the wow factor you’re going for. Coupled with the perfect nearby plantings and potted plants, your retaining walls and outdoor living space will be more beautiful than ever before.

The more hardscapes you have on your Fayetteville area home’s exterior, the more value to the property there will be. Retaining walls serve so many purposes from solving irrigation or drainage problems to functional aspects like more seating and foot traffic control, that it makes perfect sense to add them as important features to your home’s exterior hardscaped areas.

Functional Aspects Of Retaining Walls

As one of the methods of routing away ground water, the retaining wall can’t be beat for its functional aspects in your landscape. Whether the walls or low or high, retaining walls can be built near areas where there are pooling water or low lying area problems.

Since water travels downhill, a retaining wall designed properly can route the water further down the hill past the areas that are low lying where it tends to pool. This can do much to protect your home from foundation damages, flooding, and moisture problems. Not only beautiful and dimensional, retaining walls serve their function in your landscape as well.

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